Classic styling with exceptional handling, stability and performance

The ideal cruising boat for many years has been the classic 40 foot sloop. For the first time, thanks to new building technology and design, the comfort and performance benefits of that cruising ideal are now available in 32 feet.

Apart from being more affordable to own and operate, there's an added dimension of comfort in a smaller boat: Maneuverability - landing at a dock or threading through crowded harbors. Furthermore, the J/32 is designed to sail well under mainsail alone and cruise with a small jib rather than genoa. There are no big sails to winch and wrestle and the constant sail changing of heavy displacement cruisers is avoided.

J/32 is traditionally styled with a smooth sweep of the sheerline, low freeboard to reduce wind resistance and facilitate boarding, and a positive transom angle w/swim ladder to maximize deck space. The bow sections are flared to deflect waves downward, keeping the decks dry. Her short overhangs allow a long waterline and superior performance.

The interior is spacious, clean in execution, and beautifully appointed and finished. The owner's cabin is forward, full length settees in the main cabin sleep guests or seat 4-6 for dinner served from a large working galley. The aft sea-head with wet hanging locker and full size navigation table are designed close to the cockpit for comfort and convenience offshore.

Each detail and need has been addressed for equipment and storage for coastal and offshore cruising.

High priority is given to storage in the large galley, nav station and 2 large seat lockers. On deck, the cockpit is large, dodger with side curtains standard, steering comfortable from all positions, and the swim ladder superb.

J/Boats' performance heritage is an invaluable bonus when it comes to quality of construction and many years of problem-free ownership. The 8,300 boats built by the J Boats/TPI partnership have been pushed to the limit by sailors across the oceans of the world. What's more, these same boats come back year after year without losing their performance edge. J/32 represents a significant step forward in cruising with unmatched quality construction throughout.

What the J/32 brings to its size range is the sailing comfort, styling and performance more typically found in cruising yachts of considerably greater length and cost. Advanced composite construction, an easily driven hull shape and a very low center of gravity result in noticeable differences in how J/32 performs compared to any other cruising boat you may have sailed.

Introduced: 1996   Built to: Hull #85   Last Model Year: 2003