A competitive racer/cruiser that's fun to sail & easy to handle,

with accommodations for weekend cruising

As in all life sports, knowledge and experience lead to ownership of the best performing products. 9 out of 10 J/Boat buyers have owned sailboats before. They want the best ... a sailboat that meets their seasoned expectations for both enjoyment and return on investment. That's why so many people are sailing "J's" an average of 55 days per year.

To enjoy sailing over a longer season, unique demands are placed on sailboat design: Speed and manageability in light and heavy winds; dryness and cabin protection in cold or wet weather; stability and safety to handle the unexpected; durability and strength for long life and rough handling. Hull design is the most important factor in this equation. The faster a boat sails, the more sailing you can do. And the faster a new boat sails versus similar sized boats, the longer the life cycle of the design ... and the better the long term resale value and owner satisfaction. That's why we try to stay 10 years ahead of the competition with superior designs. Mere styling gimmicks or production versions of last year's custom race winner may work short term, but will backfire over time. People are beginning to realize that excellent ALL AROUND performance is necessary for season long success.

J/33 has more speed, ease of handling, open deck space, and comfort than any comparable performance sailboat under 35 feet. J/33 incorporates unique features which define what an offshore racing boat is all about.

J/33 is a no compromise sailboat with superb PHRF/IMS racing potential. Her record so far speaks for itself, winning major races on both coasts and the Great Lakes. J/33 rates 81/87 PHRF... or faster than most racer/cruisers three to four feet larger. J/33's design concept with narrow beam, deep lead keel, high ballast to displacement ratio and generous sail plan all indicate fantastic high-end speed potential in any condition, from drifters in mirror-like seas to wave riding in a big breeze.

Spacious Cockpit & Deck
J/33 has a clean deck layout which is not only extremely efficient for racing, but is terrific for daysailing as well. Wide, spacious decks provide ample room to both stretch out when daysailing and move about when racing. Too many seats and angles in a boat this size usually eliminate most of the comfortable seating angles available to the skipper and crew. Unlike a conventional "sit-in" cockpit, the single level cockpit provides plenty of elbow room for the cockpit crew around the buoys and loads of seating space for leaning back against the lifelines.

J/33 accelerates in a puff with just finger-tip control on the tiller (the rudder spins on Harken rudder bearings) and glides so effortlessly through the water that sheet loads are lighter and easier for smaller crew to handle. The rig and sail shape are infinitely adjustable to any wind or wave conditions because the Navtec integral hydraulic backstay adjuster, "disappearing" checkstays, Harken mainsheet system and optional adjustable genoa lead cars make it significantly easier to keep your boat up to speed.

Speed & Ease of Handling
For pleasant daysailing with two people aboard, J/33 has an ideal hull/rig configuration. J/33 performs well to windward without a large crew on the rail. And, because of the low center of gravity and narrow waterline beam, her ultimate stability for sailing offshore exceeds that of other cruiser/racers her size. All sail controls lead to the cockpit so the skipper can adjust the mainsheet and even adjust or fine tune the jib.

Masthead Rig
J/33 has a larger main and smaller foretriangle than most mastheads because it's easier to keep the boat up to speed in changing conditions. Because the main represents a significant percentage of the overall sailplan, adjustments to it have a great affect on boatspeed and trim. So, if the wind increases, tightening the backstay, vanging harder, or easing the checkstay can flatten the main enough to prevent changing to a smaller jib. Conversely, when caught up with the wrong headsail in decreasing breeze, it's much easier to power up the main than it is to change jibs in the last half mile to the weather mark.

Another benefit of this sailplan is it makes harbor tours and daysails a cinch. Plus, it brings peace of mind knowing you can beat off a lee shore with just main alone in a storm. The small jibs are light enough for the younger ones to horse around and they are much easier to fold and store. A bonus is the spinnaker isn't so large that it overpowers the boat in a breeze, so J/33 is easier to control off the wind ... ie. J/33 has less of a tendency to "spin out" on a tight reach.

Investment in Family Recreation
High on the "Fun Factor", J/33 will better the cost/hour/person of sailing that we believe distinguishes a truly outstanding investment in family recreation.

Introduced: 1988     Built to: Hull #51     Last Model Year: 1991