The Award-winning J/46.. an Elegant Yacht for Effortless Cruising

J/46 may be the only investment grade sailing yacht of its size not requiring professional crew to sail at designed performance levels…..or to maintain. Two people can easily manage her upwind and down to achieve the same 8 knot passage-making speeds under sail that is possible when motoring with 76hp diesel auxiliary. The joy of sailing the perfect boat is, after all, a goal we believe every owner ultimately seeks. To insure that good sailing days are spent sailing rather than scrubbing and varnishing, J/46 is designed to be virtually maintenance-free. Her exquisite joinerwork is protected from the sun……belowdecks where it’s beauty can be preserved.

Great boats don’t happen overnight. Helped by new materials and techniques, they evolve from the joint experiences of designer, builder and owners to become state-of-the-art. J/46 is such a vessel, inheriting the proven hull shape of the J/44, an offshore blue water classic, having won the Fastnet, Sydney-Hobart, NYYC Queen’s Cup and Trans-Atlantic races. J/44 is the only Class of yacht ever to be given its own class start by the Cruising Club of America in the Newport-Bermuda Race. To create the J/46, a foot of sailing length is added for speed; a transom swim/boarding platform for convenience; a carbon fiber mast and low VCG 6.2’ shoal draft keel for more stability; and a resin-infused, composite hull and deck for greater strength. Belowdecks, the choice was clear, use the same beautifully varnished cherry or teak joinerwork, entertainment center and styling so highly acclaimed in our deluxe J/160.

J/46 is a "maxi-Ditch" yacht, the tallest yacht that can fit under the bridges of the Intra-Coastal Waterway. Yet she is non-intimidating. A high length-to-beam ratio on the waterline of this seakindly yacht significantly improves tracking offshore in large waves and makes sailplan balance less critical. J/46 sails with either main or jib only, always responding predictably to a light touch on the helm. Sail power with good stability allows cruising with working jib rather than large genoa. That’s less work for the crew and improved visibility for the person on the helm. J Boats’ unique spinnaker system makes downwind sailing possible for two. A modern asymmetric spinnaker attaches to the top of the anchor roller, is contained within a cockpit-controlled snuffer, and is stored, ready-to-use, in the bow locker. The spinnaker is hoisted to the masthead, 2’ above the headstay intersect, leaving space for the snuffer to shift on a jibe. Jibing is then easy. One simply lets off one spinnaker sheet and pulls in the other.

Sailing Awards


J/46 Selected for SAIL Magazine's Top Ten. Atlantic City (New Jersey) January 20, 2000 - SAIL Magazine announced the winners of the SAIL Top Ten at a reception at the Sheridan Convention Center Hotel Ballroom. Editors and the testing team embarked on thorough evaluations of three dozen new boats and invited direct voting from SAIL readers in order to choose a final group of 10 boats representing the SAIL TOP TEN.

As senior editor Tom Linskey wrote, "when you find the right boat, you know it." The new J/46 is proving to be the right boat for many. She excels in detailed examinations of safety, comfort, performance, seakindliness under way, systems, quality of construction, materials, finish, value for the money, as well as intangibles like aesthetics, pride of ownership & all-around fun. Look for the complete article in SAIL Magazine.

sailingworldJ/46 Awarded Sailing World Boat-of-the-Year. Atlantic City (New Jersey) January 19, 2000 - Cruising World & Sailing World magazines revealed the winners of their prestigious Boat of the Year Awards at a gala ceremony held at the Ocean Life Center at Historic Gardner's Bay.

The new J/46, flagship of the 2000 Sailing World BOTY fleet was awarded "Best in Class" and recognized for excellence in sailboat design and construction. Judges praised her sailing qualities and refined quality construction. "Sailing the J/46 confirmed quickly for us that it's a beautiful, well tooled cruising yacht with the balanced responsiveness of a performance racer. The J/46 is first-class all around."

Winners are selected by independent panels of experts who sea-trial and inspect new boats launched during the past year. This year, contenders ranged from 12 to 55 feet in overall length. CCP, the world's leading producer of gelcoat for the marine industry, along with its sister company Cray Valley, the second-largest resins producer worldwide, is the Official Sponsor of the BOTY Awards.

Introduced: 1995   Built to: Hull #35   Last Model Year: 2003